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OSMO Paint & oil Remover Gel

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OSMO Paint & oil Remover Gel

Osmo Paint Remover Gel is a ready-to-use, viscous paint remover especially developed for removing old existing oil surface finishes in outdoor areas.

Removes old Decking-Oil and wood stains on timber decking and garden furniture made of wood. Ideal for removing oil-based surface finishes on partially weathered timber decking so that an overall oil-free wood surface is achieved.


  • Powerful cleaner
  • Ready to use
  • Designed specifically for removing existing oil finishes
  • Alternative to sanding
  • Comes with cleaning brush (2.5L only)
  • Suitable for exterior use

Product Details:

  • Product Code: 6611
  • Coverage: Approximately 5 square metres per litre
  • Clean up with warm soapy water
  • Size: 500mL, 2.5 litre with cleaning brush
  • Storage times: 5 years unopened, 1 year once opened

Additional Information:

Caution should be taken when used on veneers. Veneers may loosen from substrate.

A trial is always recommended first to determine suitability.