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OSMO Quality Floor Brush

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Quality Floor Brush

Because OSMO Polyx oil has a very thick consistency, application by roller is generally not recommended, as there may be too much build up of Polyx Oil on the floor, rather than a very thin coat. It is preferable to apply Polyx Oil using any clean, dry, good quality natural bristle paintbrush. However, for ease of application over a large area, nothing beats using one of OSMO's natural bristle floor brushes.

A roller can be used by a flooring professional to apply OSMO products. The roller sleeve should be microfibre, with a nap of no greater than 5mm. The ideal applicator is the OSMO floor roller set. The set comes with a tray which has a ridged area, disposable tray inserts (3 pieces) a 250mm wide micro fibre roller and roller frame. Replacement roller sleeves and tray inserts are also available. The roller is recommended when applying the Woodwax Clear Extra Thin.

The floor brush is not recommended for applying oil to cork flooring. Because cork is such an absorbent material, OSMO recommends using a wide blade paint scraper for the first coat, with additional coats applied using a good quality, clean, microfibre roller as above. The floor brush is designed to have a broom handle fitted, which avoids bending or working on your knees. It also allows the oil to be worked into the timber's grain easier. OSMO also supply 60mm and 100mm pure bristle paint brushes for use in areas hard to reach with the floor brush. 

Highly recommended