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Covers - Outdoor furniture - Not water Proof

$29.99 $179.00

Select from a wide range of Outdoor furniture covers all designed to protect your outdoor setting

Please note some maybe available as pictured Brown you may also receive Black depending on fabric availability.

  • If you are fussy about the colour to be ordered it maybe best to email us on to check availability or we can custom make ( 3 weeks)

If you cannot find the correct size we can custom make covers for you. These will take approx. 3 weeks from order date

Covering your outdoor furniture when not in use or just through winter will double the life of your product and keep it clean when you want to use the setting.

To measure your setting push all chairs in as far as they can go and measure the dimensions as if you are making a box ( Always add 5-10cm more to ensure it fits.). Then look through our list of covers available to find one that suits.


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