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Osmo Exterior Decking oils

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Exterior Decking oils

OSMO Decking Oils (also known as OSMO Wood Oils) are a range of transparent coloured oils for timber decks. They are designed and produced to meet the individual demands of exotic wood species. Suitable for most exterior timber decking.

The names of the colours (e.g. Bangkirai, Garapa and Massaranduba) reflect the colour of that particular timber. For example, Massaranduba is a red/brown timber similar to kwila/merbau.

000 Clear oil is for Exterior Use but offers no UV protection. 000 is not recomended in high UV exposure areas.

For full details on OSMO Decking Oil, including colour chart, please click on the Technical Specification link opposite.

We now have the 2 new Decking Oil colours of Grey and Black in stock.

Coverage is 16-20 square metres per litre on hard woods, with reduced coverage on softer woods such as pine. Either a2 coat application as a stand alone finish, or one coat if the oil is being used as a base coat under one of OSMO's clear exterior oils such as Anti Slip Decking Oil.

Easy to maintain and rejuvenate.


Things to watch out for when preparing outdoor Wooden Furniture and Decking, especially exposed to full sun in the Australian Climate.

With many Australian Hardwoods the natural wood ingredients / resin / tannin remains still in the timber. The wood was already saturated with natural ingredients, not allowing the finish to penetrate and bind correctly with the timber (it will sit on top and simply burn off under the sun) The wood moisture content must be below 20%.

We recommend timber be allowed to weather before application for approximately 4 to 6 weeks and up to 3 months before oiling, depending on the species of timber.

Film partition on the surface. A film (e.g. resin or soiling) on the timber’s surface can prevent the oil’s penetration and binding.

High level of moisture absorbtion. Due to insufficient constructional wood protection (e.g. waterlogging, too deeply sank screw heads, unprotected cuts), moisture is allowed to penetrate into the timber.

High timber moisture content during application means the oils cannot penetrate into the timber and bind with the wood fibers.

If too much oil is applied the pores of the timber will be saturated, and a film will build on the surface this may cause the finish to loosen itself from the timber. Oil based finishes should therefore always be applied thinly and evenly along the grain, less is always best with Osmo Products.

Greyed wood should be treated with Osmo Wood Reviver Osmo Power-Gel before applying a finish. Be careful with your rinse off after applying as run off can damage plants. If plants or lawns are nearby, we recommend a salt-based cleaner in preference. Please allow the surface to dry for a minimum of 12 hours (the wood moisture content must be below 20%) before finishing after using the Wood Reviver Power-Gel (cool and/or damp weather conditions will increase the drying time).

Finish recommendations

The natural durability of various wood species is dependent from, among other aspects such as the timber’s density and the amount of natural ingredients and oils which they contain. Newly installed wood should generally be allowed to weather, allowing natural ingredients and oils to wash or bleed out, this enables the finish to better penetrate and bind with the wood itself.

Species such as Spotted Gum should be wiped down with Mineral Turpentine or strong white spirit before apply oil.

If sanding is required we recommend only sanding to 80 to 120 grit externally so as not to close the pores of the timber and allow the oil to penetrate.  We want to be “in the timber”, not “on the timber”.

Note: The washing out or bleeding of such ingredients can leave stains on surrounding lighter coloured materials such as pavers, concrete paths etc. To avoid this water should not be allowed to run off of the surface towards walls or light coloured floor surfaces. Before the effects of greying set in the dry surface should be finished with two coats of the appropriate Decking Oil.  Osmo Decking Oils are available in a variety of appropriate natural wood tones for the most popular timber species, if you should prefer a different colour tone the Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain range is the recommended alternative. We do not recommend clear oils externally in full sun under Australian conditions, we prefer lightly pigmented oils for sun protection. One rejuvenation coat should be applied every 6 to 12 months in Australia depending on the aspect of the structure. Always ensure to apply the finish thinly and evenly along the wood grain, at best using the 150 mm wide Osmo Floor Brush – for quick and easy application.

The Osmo Anti-Slip Decking Oil adds extra grip to the surface and reduces green growth. A single coat of Teak Oil or Anti-Slip Decking Oil only offer limited, short term protection to wooden decking areas. It will require more frequent rejuvenate every 3 to 6 months in Australian conditions.

While a clear top coat can increase the durability of a pigmented base coat and allows a more transparent colour tone than when using two pigmented coats, again in Australian conditions the clear top coat will not have longevity and require regular rejuvenation.

Regular cleaning and care

Many timber decks are unprotected and exposed to high levels of weathering and wear. As such the regular cleaning of the surface and swift repair of any damage is definitely recommended. Stubborn stains and soiling can be removed using Osmo Wash & Care and water, Osmo Decking Cleaner, Osmo Wood reviver Gel or Osmo Intensive Cleaner. Damage to the finish itself (e.g. caused by small stones etc) must be cleaned and re-oiled as soon as possible, such areas can simply be touched up/partially renovated without having to sand the area. Again be careful with the “run off” when rinsing to avoid contact with lawns and plants.

When should I refresh the surface

Osmo Exterior Oils / Decking Oils will weather naturally and be worn down over time, but these can easily be cleaned and refreshed with a coat of oil before the effects of greying begin. To do this, clean the entire surface thoroughly with water and a deck scrubber, green growth can be removed using Osmo Gard Clean. After the timber has been allowed to dry completely a single coat of the product used to finish the timber can be re-applied. Areas which are subject to less wear and tear and weathering will generally have a longer renovation interval. Unlike conventional finishing systems, using Osmo finishes means no need for sanding before refreshing the area!

*The above-mentioned information is provided to the best of our knowledge however without any liability. For further information please visit our website

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