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Furniture Oil - Teak

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Furniture Oil - Teak 1 Lt.

Teak furniture wood oil preservative provides excellent exterior performance and will penetrate into the wood providing premium exterior durability with no peeling or flaking. The Rejuvenating property of the oil allows protection with a gradual wearing with time. 

This oil has light stabilisers and antioxidants to further protect the wood cells from harmful effects of sunlight. Oil wood preservative will retard any fungal growth of mildew. This product is recommended for use on properly prepared outdoor Teak furniture and products.

Coverage - Approx. 7.5 sqm. depending on the surface preparation and porosity of the timber.

Clean up Mineral turps.

This product contains linseed oil , Hydrocarbon solvent mixture, Alykad Synthetic resin 3-IODA-2Propynil -Butyl Cararnate Product details