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Wicker Outdoor Lounges Melbourne

Maintaining Outdoor Wicker Lounge Furniture in Melbourne

Robcousens Outdoor Furniture provides high-quality outdoor lounge furniture in Melbourne that will last for years. Our eclectic styles allow you to mix and match to create the living space that suits your needs and tastes. If you’re looking for a classic outdoor design, you may like our wicker products because they are timeless and will last for years with very little maintenance. Our wicker furniture is resistant to UV rays, and the wood is sustainably managed. 

One of the beautiful characteristics of wicker outdoor lounge furniture in Melbourne is the intricate detail of the interwoven materials. However, it can trap dust and pet hair. A vacuum with a soft brush attachment loosens and lifts the debris from the nooks and crannies. If any stubborn dust remains, tweezers a dry paintbrush or an awl will dislodge it.

The resin wicker used in our products is durable and is designed to withstand outdoor conditions so you can also use a hose and mild soapy water to clean it. First, you want to wet the furniture, use a soft brush to dislodge the dirt then rinse it. You can use a low concentration bleach solution if you find mould or mildew which can grow in high humidity environments. 

If you have any questions about creating beautiful lounge settings, our products, or the ordering process, please contact Robcousens. We have been in the outdoor furniture industry for over 25 years so you can be confident in our knowledgeable staff.