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Outdoor Bean Bags

Outdoor Bean bags

Bask by the pool in luxury Bean bags. Designer Bean bags produced using high grade functional materials. There is a style for every occasion weather it be by the pool, lazy on the back deck or watching TV inside.

Outdoor Bean Bags

  • Marine grade PVC coated polyester
  • Highly durable
  • waterproof
  • UV resistant
  • Beans sold separately
  • If you leave your Bean outdoors all year round your product will fade.
  • Do not place the bean bags into a chlorine pool as this will cause severe fade
  • Always wash your bean bag down with fresh water if placed near a pool
  • Look after your bean bag and you will have it for a long time.

Care Instructions


Instructions for filling Luxury Bean bag:

To make it easier, have a friend assist you and chose a space with no breeze so the beans don't fly around! It can be fun!! You will need a paper clip to for opening & closing zip on beanbag - our products are designed this way to meet with Australian Safety Standards and to prevent children gaining access to beans and accidentally ingesting them!

The white liner should be placed inside your beanbag so the zippers line up. Cut the corner off the plastic bag containing beans, to create a spout but grasp the spout shut until ready to pour.

Have your friend hold open the bags and slowly pour the beans into the white inner liner. Don't over fill, as you will need space to let the beans move when you sit on the bag. We suggest filling 3/4 full and then close both zips, turn bag over allowing the beans to form shape of bag and then try it out!!

Repeat this process until filled enough and add your desired comfort level.

Remove the paper clip once zipped closed and if there are any beans left in your filling bag, tie securely and store safely away from children or pets.

Then simply relax and bask in your Luxury Beanbag!

Bean Bag Cleaning:

Follow these simple steps whenever your lounger needs refreshed:

Brush off any loose dirt

Use a gentle solution of warm soapy water to gently wash fabric

Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry naturally

*Please note that products do NOT come filled.

Beans can be purchased through major retailors such as Big W and Target.

Bean filling is an approximate guide only and depending on your comfort level, more or less beans may be required.

Colours may vary slightly from computer to actual product colour.