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How do I look after my outdoor furniture in winter.

Posted on May 05 2016

How do I look after my outdoor furniture in winter.

Now over summer you have purchased a new outdoor setting and it looks great - The Cushions are soft and comfy, the colour looks great and suits my alfresco area and the wicker or frame matches my decor beautifully.

There are a few things you need to understand about outdoor furniture and how to look after your recent purchase.

Lets start with the frame which maybe Aluminium or timber and covered with Textilene or resin wicker.


Thing to note about timber is that its a natural product and usually needs help to survive the winter and the summer. Most timbers like Teak, Jarrah or Merbau are pretty hardy and only need minimal maintenance but these products are hard to find and usually expensive. Of course there are Recycled teaks that are pretty good and not so expensive. I suggest when you first put your table together you give the table a protective coat of Osmo oil  

The Osmo oil has a UV protection built in and also provides a coating for the table to protect it from stains etc. This needs to be done annually.

If through the winter you see discoloration in the timber this is usually due to mildew so a good clean will bring it back and maybe a light sand. If the table is under cover and protected much less maintenance is required.

Aluminium Frame - Textilene slings and Wicker settings.

Points about these products

  • Rust Free Aluminium Frames
  • UV Stabilised powder coated frames
  • Light weight
  • UV stabilised Slings and cushion fabrics
  • UV stabilsed resin wicker.
  • Tempered Glass

All of the above are great points but this does not mean the product is indestructible in the outdoors. UV which changes every year is outdoor furniture's worst enemy. Breakdown can happen from 6 - 12 years depending on the UV its exposed to. The more you cover the product in the winter months when not in use the longer its last.

So it pays to buy a cover to place over the furniture in winter or simply place the furniture in the shed or under cover. If your product is outdoors and fully protected then its a different story. I have had my setting out door for many years (12) and its still looks like the day I purchased it.

Cushions are a different ball game.( Fully Exposed) Although we use UV stabilsed fabrics in polyesters and Olefin they will not last forever. Colours will fade if they are left outside all the time and they will eventually breakdown if exposed to UV all year round. Never leave cushions out all year round and expect them to last more than 4 - 5 years.

In winter again put your cushions away in a dry space. Never put away damp or wet as they will grow mold. Always wash your cushions down if by the pool, especially if the pool is Chlorine as the chlorine will destroy the stitching and the fabric. Hose off with fresh water. If you didn't wash your bathing suits they to would fall part.

If you want to leave outside I highly recommend to Sure seal your cushions and make the water proof. The water will simply bead off and this protects the fabric and the cushion fill.

99% off cushions are not replaceable off the shelf so look after them. Getting them made here is an option but expensive. We make cushions to order using Warwick outdoor or sunbrella fabrics. These will last a lot longer than the Chinese made product that comes with the outdoor sets but again will not last forever.

  • Look after your cushions
  • Put away dry when not in use
  • Don't leave out in the sun exposed all year
  • Water proof your cushions
  • Buy covers to protect your cushions and setting.

If you have slings chairs then always cover if fully exposed when not in use.

So just look after your outdoor setting and it will give you many years of satisfaction and pleasure.

Bye for now - call us on 1300 665 635 if you have any questions or need help with your setting maintenance.




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