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Robcousens Outdoor Furniture

Posted on October 06 2014

Robcousens outdoor furniture a name you can trust carries a huge range of Resin wicker outdoor furniture in our new Nunawading showroom. Order on line or in store at

Hand woven resin wicker is the most popular outdoor furniture product at the moment , way ahead of timber due to quality timbers being so expensive. Give all cheap timbers a miss if you are looking for timber outdoor furniture as you are asking for trouble. in that I mean lots of maintenance, cracking and oiling etc. who wants that when you just want to relax outside. if you are keen for timber still only buy quality merbau or Kwila but be prepared to pay over $3000 for a decent size setting.

Resin Wicker furniture requires very little maintenance and looks great in any outdoor garden or patio. If you have a fully exposed area it pays to buy a cover to protect your investment as UV is the only enemy when it comes to looking after your setting and extending the life of your outdoor setting. Other ways to protect you setting is to use some Armour all spray on the top most exposed surfaces , this helps a lot. I have had my wicker setting outdoors in the elements for over 10 years now and its only just now starting to show signs of fade on the top surfaces. the life of the product really depends on the UV exposure so its up to you how long it lasts.

The Cushions if included in your setting should be put away dry in winter but you can leave them out all year round if you wish. Again putting them away or covering the furniture will extend the life of your cushions. You can scotch guard the farbric if you wish to keep them cleaner or simply un zip the cushions and hand wash in warm soapy water.

Things to ask when buying outdoor furniture What are the cushions made of ? if polyester stay clear, stick with Olefins, Acrylic or Sunbrella fabric

What is the frame of the chair ? should be rust free aluminium , Cheaper sets are made of steel which will eventually rust and break. Take a magnet with you to test the salesman. it wont stick to aluminium. This goes the same for stainless steel 304 grade is the best to use and the magnet wont stick all other stainless look a likes the magnet will stick to .

What is the gauge of the aluminium frame wall ?  1.2mm min in the answer but thicker is better.

Outdoor products are always based on weight in production, the cheaper the chair or table usually the lighter or grade of materials used is below the norm.  


I hope these little hints help you when making a purchase and looking after your outdoor furniture. At you know you can trust the quality and now at Factory direct prices you cant lose. We have the best prices in Melbourne.





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