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FAQ's Outdoor Furniture Melbourne

FAQs : How to look after your Outdoor Furniture

What if it rains on my setting ?  It gets wet ! Yes all is ok. Just let the cushions and setting air dry.

Should I put the cushions away if they are wet ? No always air dry or they will grow mould.

Can I get a cover for my setting when not in use ?  Yes covers are available for most settings, if not we can custom make them.

How long will my setting last ? The answer is up to you, if the setting is fully exposed always cover when not in use. Put you cushions away in the winter months. The less UV and exposure to the elements the longer your set will last. We have customers who purchased 15 years ago only returning to update their setting now.

As you are factory direct - will it take long to get my setting ? Yes we are factory direct which means lower prices , most of our range is in stock and should be delivered in 7-10 days. Depending on the popularity and our Stock numbers we may run out and deliver in 21 days worst case. This is due to stock continually been shipped direct from the factory.

What effect will Chlorine and Salt water have on my cushions and settings ? Chlorine eats through anything so its advisable to hose your cushions down if they are being used by the pool. Salt may oxidise in the frame but usually wont do damage to aluminium furniture. Best to hose off one a month in any case.

What will happen to my glass table top if smashed ?The glass is tempered so it will shatter into a million pieces leaving no sharp edges. Usually if this happens it cheaper to order a new table rather than try to get new glass locally. Glass is not covered under the Warranty