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Buying on price - outdoor furniture

Posted on September 15 2015

Buying on price - outdoor furniture

Now that everyone is out and about looking for outdoor furniture - confusion sets in with all the different price points on product that sometimes just looks the same.

You may see products that look exactly the same but the price tag is very different from one store to another. I often compare Outdoor furniture    to fruit and veggies as the weight and quality determines what you pay. Most retailers large and small import products from china based on price and not a product specification. The factories will make a product for the price the retailer is prepared to pay. Lets face it , no factory will make products at a loss. Everyone wants to make a profit and you the consumer wants a great deal.

What you the consumer cannot see on the store floor is the gauge of the frame, the quality of the frame be it timber, aluminium, Steel ,fabric , sling or wicker. All of these components add cost if they are a certain standard or reduce the cost if the product is made for a price. Outdoor wicker furniture is all the rage these days due to its low maintenance and comfort levels.

Most wicker furniture is made from a aluminium frame, hand woven , yes hand woven UV stabilised resin wicker meaning plastic. The chairs and tables are light weight , rust free as Aluminium can't rust and usually Olefin cushions. Olefin is a outdoor fabric again in various qualities of finish and price will determine the quality you purchase. Olefin's are not water proof but UV stabilised. All cushions should be put away when not in use particularly in the winter months to avoid the cushion fill breaking down.  Don't be fooled by cheaper options which are usually polyesters, thin aluminium or Steel frames that feel like aluminium but they will rust and thin resin wicker that may not last if not properly UV stabilised.

Yes you get what you pay for so its not all about a bargain. remember when you buy outdoor furniture you are placing these items out in the elements. If you placed your indoor furniture outside it would not last even though you may have paid good money for a suite. Outdoor furniture is made to cope with moisture, rusting issues and most important UV from the sun. UV is the biggest killer to outdoor furniture and your furniture will last much longer if you cover when not in use.

Have a great summer and if you need help with purchasing your new outdoor furniture please email us any questions on

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